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The first IndieFort Bundle has just been launched, numerous unlocks revealed...

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Gamersgate have just launched their first indie bundle, the IndieFort Bundle:

The included games are:

As mentioned previously, you may be able to get Desura keys for Kenshi and Wanderlust: Rebirth by asking their developers directly. If anybody has any joy getting Desura keys for the other games, let us know in our forums.

There are also additional unlocks:

  • Puckbang (arcade game) - at 1337 units sold
  • Cardinal Quest Soundtrack - at $9000
  • Devil Whiskey Soundtrack - at $25000
  • shhh... it's a secret! - at $50000
  • Rambros - at $100000
  • Developer thank you video - at $20000
  • Mordor v1.1, The Grim (in development) - at 50000 units sold

The bundle is available at a minimum of $6, any amounts over that go straight to the developers (no cut to anybody else).

When the bundle first came online, it had questionable regional pricing - it was roughly $8 for those in the UK and Europe - however that has now been fixed, and localised prices are now roughly equivalent to $6.

DoctorRoXo Creator

sweet! another bundle i must compulsively buy...

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ifss Author

I just received my Desura copy of Wanderlust, yay - much respect to the devs! :)

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Gardakan Creator

Is it worth it? I'm not sure to play if games are not linked to a game platform. Strange no? Steam addicted me!

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ifss Author

I'd say so, even for Wanderlust or Steel Storm alone.

I see what you mean about having them all on Steam or Desura, but having other options is always good, even if they aren't as convenient.

When I catch myself thinking the same thing, I remind myself that it sounds exactly like lock-in, and lock-in leads to a monopoly, and a monopoly is never a good thing for the consumer.

A little paranoid? Maybe, but it makes me feel better, lol ^_^

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DoctorRoXo Creator

yea dude you should get it if you haven't already. theres some great games here. i don't even like roguelike games much but cardinal quest is very fun and easy to play too. the games not easy or anything just the way its setup. wanderlust is like zelda sorda but with multiplayer. steel storm is great. mp is good too. kenshi is good now and its still in alpha so i think it gonna be brilliant. haven't tried the others yet.

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