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Leisure Suit Larry 25th anniversary remake is seeking funding via Kickstarter.

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Replay Games are seeking funding via Kickstarter for an HD remake of Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards.

Al Lowe himself presents a video with the lowdown on the funding. Note: the video is slightly NSFW, as should be expected for anything Larry-related

$15 is the minimum pledge that gets you a DRM-free copy of the game, there's also higher tiers for anybody wanting collector's items, such as Leisure Suit Larryâ„¢ Brand Condoms(!).

Worth noting is an item in the FAQ:

We *want* to support every single platform in existence. This includes: PC, Mac, iOS (phones and tablets), Android (phones and tablets), XBOX Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and of course, Linux. Unfortunately we can only do so much with $500k. Once we are 100% funded then we can add platforms, starting with Linux (our biggest demand besides PC / Steam) and branch out from there. We need to calculate our porting costs so we can't give you an exact figure on each port but please trust us, we really do have your best interests in mind. We're gamers too!!

Personally, as primarily a Linux gamer, I'll be waiting until they announce the target for Linux support, as some other Kickstarter projects in the past have came out with ludicrous targets that don't resemble reasonable porting costs.

One can hope though, as the thought of returning to Lefty's Bar in HD has me salivating. :)

DoctorRoXo Creator

this was one of my 1st pc gaming experiences. this and king's quest, space quest, police quest, and quest for glory. thats a lot of quests for such a young lad.

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