This is a group for all you who like bounty hunters. Become a bounty hunter join me. Togeter we can bring any bounty. Or just join if you like bounty hunters.

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This is for updates and latest news on small things like allaiens. I whan all my pramerys and seconderys here for your news on anything u may have on small things.

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If any one gots any big news post it the other way. This place is for things that r not 2 important but need to be read. This is not a chat room so plz stay on topic. also if it conserns me I maybe not read it cuz im busy but sometimes I'll take a look at things.

This is whet everyone can do in this gruop. The L=leader the PM=prime bounty hunter the PR=primary bounty hunter the S=secondery bounty hunter the FO=first official bounty hunter the O=official bounty hunter. This means that where that letter(s) r at that is what u can do the list below will tell u everything.

L,PM,PR--Manage other members access rights
L,PM,PR,S--Accept and invite members to the group
L,PM--Delete content and members
L,PM,PR,S--Edit this groups profile
L,PM,PR,S,FO,O--Add and edit downloads
L,PM,PR,S,FO,O--Add and edit articles
L,PM,PR,S,FO,O--Add and edit videos, images and audio
L,PM--Add and edit the entire forums

That is all.

JangoFett_Unstopable Author

hey everyone I got some news the prime position is open

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JangoFett_Unstopable Author

This goes to all primerys:

When u let a new member in u can name them Official Bounty Hunter

Also give them the acsess rights to Add and edit articles, videos, images and audio

That is all.

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