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A text to pay respect to what was for me a Youtuber that I respect and am fond of. I am barely qualified to write about the person behind the Youtube account, this person was so much more. So I limit this text to what I can do in good faith.

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A text to pay respect to what was for me a Youtuber that I respect and am fond of. I am barely qualified to write about the person behind the Youtube account, this person was so much more. So I limit this text to what I can do in good faith.

I never wanted to trully know him. I feared I wouldnt like him if I knew him more. I feared I couldnt respect his work if I knew him more. The more you know about someone the more there is to disagree on. Especially with beings who have a strong character it takes strength to see past differences and weaknesses to keep the good things in mind.

I honestly believe that he did a great service to the Video Gaming Culture and Industry. He strived for betterment. His success makes him relevant. He is not alone in this strive. There are so many who watched his content and so many other youtubers who are posting right now about how he got them to start or how he influenced them.

One of the best lines I read was that he was an influencer on the influencers.

The Video Game Culture and industry is one of the most remarkable cultures and industries in the history of mankind. It is so precious to the people who take part in it, they hold its value so dear that they will NOT accept it going down. The decay is all around us. The very struggle of live, live itself. From the moment you are born you're in the process of death. This is not limited to us human beings, this goes for values as well.

Why do people become youtubers and do what they do? To make money? To gain fame? To spread their mind?

Money taints. Fame taints. Political agenda taints. The world taints.

But what stays till death and beyond is the strive.

We have all whitnessed how Gaming has been hit with blows. From things like Early Access scam games to big publishers messing up their games like Mass Effect 3 and then the money exploitation with dlc then micro transactions and lootboxes and so forth. Games releasing in a state of decay full of bugs and unsatisfying closure. Political feuds have seeped into games as they always have.

But this decay is not limited to the Video Game Culture & Industry. I can see it with Music, Cars, Food, Movies and everywhere. It is everywhere.

The root of this is us.

As much as we love to blame others. Publishers, other players, influencers, media, god or godknowswho.

In the end if one wants to preserve value and ensure that the culture lives on valuable you have to hold a knife to the throat of everyone. The publishers, the developers, the media, the players, everyone.

And when they forget, when they go to far you have to cut them and make them see that they bleed. This has always set an example and is an integral part of the relationship between the consumer and producer. It goes as far as democracy itself, when the higher ups mess up too many times you gotta go to the streets and in the end take it as far as the french did. Time and time again we remind the producers of video games that we do not accept the decay. And this is almost unique to us gamers and part of why I think that gamers are better people.

People like Total Biscuit are this blade. Because the press does not do its job because it isn't able to. It effectively can't. This is why we need this blade around and it has to stay sharp. The gaming press is dependant on the monetary systhem that youtubers can disregard. They absolutely need the goodwill of the publishers or else they do not get review copies they do not get to interview interesting people they do not get to be on conventions and so forth. All these things hurt them in the competition. It goes so far that bad games get a rating of 7/10. Most of the time a game with a 7 would actually deserve at most a 3.

A youtuber may make videos for money or fame or to spread his mind but honorable youtubers know that they have the ability to strive. And he was one of them and thanks to his success that we made happen he was relevant.

One can disagree on so many things that he has said but in the end we all agree that he strived for the betterment of the Video Game Culture and Industry. And this is respectable. His effort and service to us all.

You may think he had so much more to give but I also think he had so much more to receive. This year is amazing for gaming. There are gems coming out left and right. And what makes them gems?

A meal can only be good if you experienced hunger, a wine can only be good when you tasted piss. There has to be bad stuff in order to make the good stuff shine ever so brightly. Without struggle there is little accomplishement.

Not only did he do reviews and podcasts he also promoted the smaller games, indies, that do not have the money to promote themselves and have all the coverage needed to get noticed. He looked into the abyss and pulled gems out for us. This is part of why indie games have thrived so much in the past years and publishers noticed it too and support it. Places like ModDB and IndieDB have their part in this as well and benefit from his work as did he from them. The benefit is mutual. Ofc there were losers, not everyone can make a success but the chances increased.

He defended standards and values. Now of course this is subjective and always debatable. This strive you see must never ever accomplish a perfect game. Because the perfect game would be so addictive, so amazing, so intuitive that it would literally kill us.

I did not always agree with what he said in the videos but I respected what he did. Because it is an honor to being served these videos. Its an honor to play games. Its an honor to make games. Its an honor to strive. Its an honor to be part of the process if ever so small it may be.

Strength and compassion goes towards the beloved ones that he held dear and that he left behind. it is always a tragedy to see young men being cut down in their prime. Taken by force. The reward for mind body and soul being pain missery and death. A joyful thought is that his account carries on and in his next live he may even watch one of his videos.

As of this moment, dozens if not hundreds or even thousands are creating videos about how he got them motivated to start, how he enlightened the spark. People are honorin him as we speak, it gets them to be active. To carry on. This is positive energy and so the last thing he did, dying, has caused so much positivity. I wish he could have seen what else 2018 has in store. People have been in tears over announcements and watching these videos fills one with so much joy. The Shenmue reveal for example or the Soul Calibur 6 reveal.

In fact I would like to focus on Soul Calibur VI for a bit. For a very long time ever since the first SC came out it has been on the top number 1 spot of best games ever made. It was excellent in every regard and I play it to this day on my Dreamcast or Xbox 360 remastered in HD. SC has suffered over the years, each new entry into its series has taken tolls and one can see the value fading away with the promotions being reduced to a picture of great ass or tits. But because there people out there who appreciate and buy and play good games the series is still going and with VI it seems to be reminded of its roots and leave behind the faults of the past.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of Youtubers like Total Biscuit was that without them players are like headless chickens that are beign swayed by a whim. Millions of players are not logical because they disagree on everything. For example just because one sort of dlc is bad does not make every form of dlc bad. You have to understand the context and the situation as a whole and then draw the right conclusions out of it. This is where listening to someone who knows what he's talking about can help you do that for yourself. Ofc you always gotta think about wether or not you can apply his conclusions to your taste.

As such, I liked games that he didn't and disliked games that he did. I saw things in games that he was unable to and the other way around. I probably wouldn't have seen these in the first place if it wasn't for his videos among others, for engaging with someone elses thoughts. There are so many great Youtubers out there and I am not even sure if Youtube deserves that.

All good things must come to an end. I'd like to thank Total Biscuit. I'd like to thank you for reading. I'd like to thank you all who are part of the Video Gaming Culture & Industry. You're all part of this roller coaster and its one heck of a ride.

I was not even a fan and you made me write this. (twice, lost some in an error, liked the first version more, hope this ended up alright, forgive my spelling mistakes if there are any.)

OrangeNero Author

Usually I'd add some music in the form of youtube videos but i am at a loss of finding anything appropriate.

A what the heck here goes

Oh and I'd like to know who upvoted my comment on the old deleted version xD

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May God rest his soul. His achievements will never be forgotten....

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He was one of the first game focused youtubers I watched and always had a clear and level head when discussing controversial issues. Definitely gonna miss him and his work. Also it's always sad to be reminded of our mortality.

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