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I wrote this for the Contagion Zombie-themed 500-word limit competition. It involves Greek Mythology, so it fits into the fantasy genre, thus I posted it here, to see what you all think!

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Heaven was a miraculous land the Gods had bestowed. Fountains flung water, glistening in the light, caught by the voice of angels and slowly drifting back down to the sparkling pool the fountain embodied. The clouds beneath their feet slowly drifted across the contemptible land below; the land that mankind had trodden upon; building their rich, yet trepid existence. Many columns had stood in heaven, then went on, embowed over the God's heads; glistening white. The Gods knowledge was vivid, like no human could match. They knew all and everything to know of the land below; so-called, Earth. Something was about to happen over the clouds that day that mankind would find out, yet they'll never remember.

Zeus, as his position amongst the Gods shown, bestowed great power throughout Heaven. He possessed the power of lightening, a strong force of the element of air. In his imperial blue tunic, and strong padded sandles; he trod amongst the Gods, and kept all things right. An easy task for a God, however his brother made this task difficult. Sat in a throne of dismembered bodies, was a man, possessing equal, but limited power. His eyes glow bright red as he pondered. The trivial God of the land, Hades, sunk into his chair, distraught. He was looked down upon by his older brothers, and his power limited due to the risk of him becoming deeply rebellious. However this risk was about to become a reality. For this night Cronus had returned to take back the throne from Zeus as King of the Gods. Cronus was large, and always had been limitlessly more powerful than Zeus. Unlike the other Gods, Cronus felt pity for Hades, and was very naive, for a man of his stature. Cronus relieved Hades of his limits, unknowing of what was to come.

Hades had seemed to cause little havok, but this was about to become a lot; for he thought, and thought of a way he could take control of the land. After a while, he took interest of what was above; above him where he'd sat at his throne in the depths of Hell. On the surface where mankind had stood. Mankind seemed to have invented a creature which he quite liked, a creature so deadly, a creature that could fight; zombies they were called. That night, Hades spread a curse upon the Earth. Men and women awoke, clothes torn, faces bled, eyes red with rage. Many ran, their arms flung into the air, towards a bright light, shining across the horizon. It was a portal into heaven, opened by Hades. The creatures mankind had now become, charged across the clouds, ripping sparkling angels, dismembering their bodies, sparkling no more. These creatures somehow possessed Godly power, angels fit for them to devour. Wings flew no more, and angels lie dead. The Gods begun to tremble. Cronus realised his mistakes, though Zeus did not tremor; his lifeless head sat on the end of a stake.


I quite like it. It's a very original take on zombies and Greek mythology. The only thing that stands out to me as an issue is your combining of the Mount Olympus with Heaven. They're really not comparable, and the Greeks didn't have angels. In fact, Hades ruled over what could be considered the Greek version of heaven.

I think you'd be better off changing the references to angels and Heaven to nymphs/gods and Mount Olympus.

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I agree with you, but what hades ruled would compare to the christian or catholic version of hell. Spirits trapped in pits of their own pity, men forceed to recount the worst situations possible, men to suffer a grueling fate time and time again, a never ending misery for those who dwell there. Ill admit, greeks did have quite a bleak look on the afterlife :( No matter how many good deeds you did, you are still going to hell.

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You're just thinking of Tartarus. Hades also ruled over the Asphodel Meadows and Elysium, which can be compared more or less to Purgatory and Heaven.

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now that I think more about it, your right, i havent done anything with greek mythology for like five years, so I am a little foggy there

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