This is a group for all the old school gamers from the time of the 2nd gen consoles, like the atari 2600, atari 5200, sega sg-1000, coleco vision etc.. this was the time of games such as breakout,space invaders,pac-man, donkey kong etc.

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Some info about what will come in the future from me and more.

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I did some research and there are some things i want to add to VGAR. But instead of uploading them all at once i will let you decide witch one you want to see first. rules? the first one witch gets 5 votes from you in the comments will be uploaded first, then i will look how much interest there is into the rest and upload them one after another. so here they are:

A news article about Dreamcast games witch are worth knowing even without having one.

A news article about the game genre RTT real time tactic.

A news article about the genre TD Tower Defence.

A news article about Vehicular combat games (racing games where you fight with your car). i will call it arcade battle racer because who wants to play a "vehicular" game???

A place for New Video Game Concepts. i m bored of standard ego shooters and rts games...
i don't want to create a group for that, so i will make a place in the VGAR FORUM for that. AND PLEASE CARE A BIT ABOUT IT!

Some videos and images about submarine warfare games. Submarines are way more interesting then spaceships. trust me, water pressure, air, above or under water. all these things make it way more complex and interesting then open space. Torpedos...

Some videos and updates in the forum. Beauty in War and Intro and in-game music.

Some links for some flash games witch you can play for free on the net. the good ones of course. the good ones i know...

Of course you are all welcome to upload content yourself. i love updates. and comments too ;)
Would you like a VGAR Newsletter? i never got one of those moddb ones... but i need someone who is willing in writing these... i can help but wont do it alone. it would be about newer better known games and other stuff. of course high quality and not stupid advertising of boring and stupid trash.

preview pic was made with LDD.


Interesting Idea mate. But I must say for 'Vehicular fighting games' Twisted metal has been the ONLY one that has ever stood out for me. Anything else wasnt really fun for me. Unless you count games like Mario Kart. -.-

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OrangeNero Author

i know some witch are awesome. Twisted metal looks good. never played it.

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The oldest ones were the best I find, but the new one I seen in the making at E3 looked pretty good much like the orignals, I can only hope its as good, :)

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AirborneSn1p3r Creator

you get some good car/bike fighting games on the sega megadrive... i must look for it i cant rember the name but all you do is take peoples heads off.

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OrangeNero Author

ok i will start with Arcade Combat Racers and when i see some interest into the others then i will do them too. heck, i l do them when I feel like it since apart from me... who cares?

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OrangeNero Author

delete is too close to edit XD

apart from the name and a few spelling issues nothing changed.

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AirborneSn1p3r Creator

ok i was wondering, i read it again and i was going to say i love TD games lol

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