Learn quick. Think fast. Run, jump, slide, block, leap, sprint, swing and smash your way through 30 challenging levels. Can you reach the end? Features: - 5 abilities to learn as you progress through the game. - 30 challenging levels to complete. - 8 awards to unlock. - A global leaderboard to compete against. “... it felt fantastic. It doesn’t matter if I failed 531 other times. For a few seconds, I was an invincible destroyer of games.” - indiegamerchick.com “The coolest things here, however, are the little black and white cubes that, when touched, alter the level.” - 1uporpoison.com “Seems pretty simple, right? WRONG!!! ... it’s torture you’ll love every second of”. - gamestitch.com ** Xbox 360 controller supported **

HeuGamer says

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The developers should have known the dangers of creating this game and it was really inevitable to get the "ITS A CRAPPY CLONE!"

It's well done gameplay wise, but the design is very much inspired by bit-trip runner a tad too much for my likes.

I mean I think it's fine to be inspired by a game's GAMEPLAY, but trying to reproduce the art design, levels, and the aesthetics are just plain.

It's overall a well-made game, but something just doesn't feel right here.

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