Tropical Heat is a Jet Ski racing competition in the tropics. Race in both Single and Multiplayer or just relax and enjoy riding on the beautiful ocean around lush tropical islands in Free Ride. Customize your character and jet ski. Build up power to boost your speed to get big air jumps to perform a variety of tricks and combo tricks. Earn high scores and achievements and win all 15 races to unlock Extreme. DRM PROTECTION ALLOWS 3 ACTIVATIONS PER PURCHASE.

ddlima says

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The CD-Key DRM has been proven uneffective time and time again in the history of computer games, only being cumbersome to real customers and not to pirates. Not only that, the game was also falsely advertised on the bundle website. Instead of appologizing the developer says he sees no problems with the DRM and blames the website for the incorrect information. Frustrating experience. The game design itself isn't the best one either. All in all a bellow average.

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