The year is 2085. You've woken up after many years of slumber having no recollection of where you might be. No memory of anything that once was, except for one. The memory of a girl. Who she is and what she means to you is your new quest in Tears of the Machine. Battle your way through members of the Global Order Coalition and other belligerant factions! Fight through the many different areas of the broken world you have found yourself in. Watch as the story unfolds in the beginning of an epic saga. Tears of the Machine will be updated in the future with new playable episodes! For now, enjoy the currently available Episode 01: Power of Order! Will you survive to find out the truth? Features: -Story Mode: Play through the chapters and follow along as the story unfolds. -Survival Mode: See how long you can survive and submit your scores to Game Center. -Extras: Explore the game world around and collect audio logs. -Customizer: Change your load outs to fit your play style.

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