This is a fun platformer game I made... download it and run it and it will show a readme for more information, (you should probably read it if you want to win). WARNING: THIS GAME REQUIRES STRATEGY...

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YAY, I'm uploading Square 1.1, it is graphically better than Square 1.0, so maybe more people will download it because it really is fun if you try it...

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SQUARE... 1.1

The polygonal war has been going on for a long. long long long x10 to the 16th time... But, now the final stages of it are beginning... all the other polygons have teemed up against THE UNION OF SQUARES, (that'd be us)... So now we face a very strong army, but you (that'd be you) can stop them... We've sooped you up with all the latest and advancedest weapons we have... So, you should own all.
You start with 100 ammo and 100 health, all reload times are in terms of steps (30sps), all enemys have 100 health... Your health is the bar in top right, ammo is number in the bar, your weapon is the nunber to the right of health bar... And you can shoot down triangle bullets with everything but weapon 1. All enemy bullets explode after 4 seonds... Crashing into an enenmy does 20 damage (try not to do that)... Oh, and you aim with your mouse (try to have a mouse, not a track pad because you'll probably never win with that...)...

YOU: You are a square elite commando... Controls are arrow keys or wasd... And yes going down makes you go down faster... You choose weapons by typing the number... killing enemys gives you ammo...
Weapon 1:) SQUARE THROWER: It is the basic weapon with unlimited ammo, but it takes a while to kill things with... (1damage per aquare on all, 0 step reload)
Weapon 2:) SQUARE PISTOL: It shoots the basic square and costs 3 ammo... (40 damage vs. circle, 50 on triangle and pentagon, 40 against hexagon and octogon, 18 relo)
Weapon 3:) SQUARE GRENADE: It has an arc and can arc over things (difficult to aim) at 5 ammo... (one shot circle, triangle, and pentagon, 80 on hexa's and octo's 30 rel)
Weapon 4:) SQUARE SEMI AUTO: Same as pistol but shoots faster and costs 4 ammo... (Same damage as pistol, 6 reload)
Weapon 5:) SQUARE BURST SHOT: Shoots 3 squares in 3 steps and cost 12 ammo... (Same, 15 reload)
Weapon 6:) WIRE GUIDED SQUARE MISSILE: It follows your mouse and costs 25 ammo... (one shot everything, 60 reload)
Weapon 7:) SQUARE FULLY AUTO: Usefull if not wasted, this shoots insanely fast at 3 ammo per square... (Same as pistol, 0 reload)
Weapon 8:) SQUARE SNIPER: Ownage, it shoots 6 times faster than a regular square at 20 ammo... (one shot everything, 30 reload)
CIRCLES: Purple and, well, stupid, they just basicly run around and shoot wherever they please... Although there circle bullets do considerable damage (8)... (gives 15 ammo)
TRIANGLES: Blue and smart, their triangle bullets follow you at a slow speed and do moderate damage (5)... (gives 10 ammo)
HEXAGONS: Yellow and capable of flight, they randomly fly around shoot at you, but their hexagon bullets dont follow you (5)... (gives 15 ammo)
OCTOGONS: Red and stopsignish, they fly and shoot like hexagons only there bullets imobalize you for 3 seconds and their faster, but they deal low damage (2)... (gives 15 ammo)
PENTAGONS: Green and mean, they shoot pentagon bullets that have a ballistic trajectory at you (they arc) and do decent damage (5).... (gives 10 ammo)
Further Notes:)
1. The Square Sniper can shoot through walls or the head of a triangle because it jumps 48 pixels per step, and the wall is 16 pixels big, so theoreticly it can move through three sets of wall...
2. You can move twice as fast if you hit both the right/left arrow key while hitting the corresponding a or d key... But you don't go down or up faster while hitting both...
3.Hit escape to exit this and hit F1 to get it again...
4. All credits go to me (maxcheese3) for everything because I made everything...
5. Have fun, and remember, you won't win the first time... I guarantee it... Oh and there are 5 levels, 4 is the hardest...
6. Yes I know my game defies physics by allowing you to change directions in mid air and go down faster by hitting down, but its funner that way and I don't give a crap, so there...
7. Function key 9 (F9) takes a screenshot and puts it wherever Square is at...

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