Your island has been invaded by aliens during the night, take your shotgun, and kick them out! Snorms is a top-view & isometric shooter with loads of weapons, maps and monsters. You play a soldier resting on his native island, but it is quickly overrun by monsters from outer space and no outside help is available. You put on your armor, take your shotgun and go to find out what happened at the peril of your life. Snorms features: player leveling, weapon upgrading, 41 maps (3 episodes), 4 difficulty settings, achievements, 22 enemies, 14 weapons, hours of shooting,... If you have bought the game on Desura, you will get the full Android version (Alien Blitz) for free! Just click the Connect button on this page, and follow the procedure.

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Episode 3 is available: 12 new maps, 7 new monsters, 5 new weapons, end, and more

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Hi everyone!

Snorms episode 3 is now available!

12 new maps

Episode 3

10 levels + 2 secret levels have been added to the game.

7 new monsters

Episode 3

6 standard monsters and a new boss are available in this episode.

5 new weapons

Episode 3

5 (powerful) weapons can be found in this episode, one of them is only available in hard difficulty mode.

The game is now almost complete. There is a total of:

  • 41 maps
  • 22 enemies
  • 14 weapons (5 using cartridges, 4 using energy cells and 5 using explosives)
  • Around 10-15 hours of gameplay!

New HUD options are available:

  • When switching weapon, it will display name, ammo, and weapon list under your cursor
  • When hovering items or monsters it will display their name
  • When reloading the mouse cursor will indicate reload status
  • When reloading the weapon icon will indicate reload status
  • New icons will be displayed at the bottom of the screen: activated power ups (and remaining time) and checkpoint activation status
Episode 3

Some monsters will now drop ammunitions and sometimes life/armor. As a consequence, you can not carry as much ammunitions as before.

Cheat code
Some cheat codes have been included, I won't tell you what they are, but I'll give you a small hint: my favorite game is Doom (I & II).

Game modes
You can now unlock some special game modes:

  • total destruction: all blocks can be destroyed
  • all level 1: all monsters are level 1
  • quick reload: quick reloading for all weapons

When activated you get less money and experience, and you won't unlock maps.

Episode 3 game modes

And of course, a lot of new/updated stuffs

  • Checkpoints will now automatically display their menu when moving on them (and just after death)
  • Some doors will open when moving near them
  • Balance update (lowered laser gun damages, changed monsters life/damage,...)
  • Scripted doors (doors that can't be opened by clicking on them) now have a different texture
  • Barrels will now send their "content" in the direction you shoot them
  • Money bonus will be granted if you find all secrets and/or money boxes
  • Level editor can now be launched from main menu
  • Level editor performance increased
  • Help is available through main menu (and in the level editor)
  • Buttons will change texture when they are deactivated
  • Updated hard difficulty mode (more monsters in episode 2, less monsters that respawn after death)
  • And various bug corrections

What's next?
Snorms will still be in Alpha for a few days/weeks, in order to male sure there is no bug left. Then it won't be in the Alpha Funding program anymore.
It doesn't mean I will stop updating it, I have already planned some cool stuffs (more unlockable game modes, unlockable maps, maybe some multiplayer stuffs,...)


Am I the only one who got surprised when I saw "Episode 3" in my RSS reader, thinking it meant Half Life?

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