SSS(Shoe String Shooter) is a low budget FPS game which attempts to achieve "next gen" look. The game has no specific theme so you might find dinosaours, ninjas, cars and robots all together in the same game. It will consist of several small levels or maybe some bigger campaigns and also online gameplay. I will try to include any mechanic that looks fun, and not necesseraly realistic. There is the intention of making it look like an AAA title, at least from the technology side. Since the budget for the assets is a little on the short side.

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Our CEO has some words on design by chance and new stuff that we did

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Hello to our ever thriving community. This is the CEO. I would like to talk about the new concept I have invented called "Design by chance". I was in a hurry for the golf course so I had to quickly tell the engineers which hype eye candy to put in our product. So I gave them a list of effects from other games that I googled. You see, this is design by chance... more on that later.

The engineers told me they implemented:
1) Motion Blur.
2) Depth Of Field.
3) Underwater effect.
4) Epilepsy effect. This is my own unique idea.

The epilepsy effect is so good, that even if you don't have epilepsy, you are going to have one after watching it.

Motion Blur video:

Depth Of Field Video:

Underwater Video:

Here is the epilepsy effect video, we advise to watch it in full screen (Pompi Pompi corp is not responsible to any brain damage caused by watching this video).

Oh yea, we also got a new gun. I don't remember it's model number so I will just call it "The wimpy gun". You know those guns, they have infinite ammo you don't need to reload them, because who cares? They are just the wimpy default gun. Nobody wants you wimpy gun! You are forever alone!
This one has it's shoulder pad broken so it's loose and makes annoying sounds.



This is wonderful work, though not perfect. You've still got a few bugs and such to work out, but the progress is great.

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PompiPompi Author

Thanks. Yea, there are some issues I know off, mainly the gaps in the displaced geometry.
Some of it is just me not bothering with getting seamless textures everywhere, because with displacement you need to worry about seams in the height map.

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It's in a state for a major commercial release now, I'd say.

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