The Virus 3 is a topdown zombie survival shooter. You have the possibility to kill the zombies on 10(+2) maps with 15 weapons and 3 sorts of grenades. You can compete with people from around the world in the online highscore. Overall there are 9 different modes, which you can play all with a second player.

XManXHunterX says

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the game is pretty fun and im still playing the campaing

with some improves you can make a really amazing game

something i didnt like was the dead of the zombies
you could add some sound when they die . but just falling to the ground i fell that this needs something more

i love the survival mode
is fast, easy to understand, pretty good

the campaing is awesome too but in some part i just end wandering around cuz i didnt know were to go

i see that you work hard in this cuz you cant make this kind of games in 1 day!

the next step should be add some custom textures so the ground look like ground

btw i love the random box

but the most important thing in a game.....i have fun playing this so well done.

sorry 4 my english not from america need pratice :)

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