Ever wondered how rad it would be to play your favourite 2D, Retro NES-style, Top-Down Action game in 3D? Now is your chance to find out! Comes with unique features, such as: - Real-time 3D rendered polygonal objects! - Advanced 3D accelerated effects such as transparency! - A unique cinema display system that delivers amazing real-time 3D cutscenes developing the story stage by stage! - An exciting variety of buttons to use, such as: Up, Down and Z! - Amazing, vibrant colours like never seen before! An affordable, bodacious, all-ages quest for righteous dudes and dudettes! - 20 Exciting Stages! - 4 Thrilling Boss Fights! - Challenging Combat! - Retro Style Graphics!

t1gerdog says

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High rating due to dev getting all their buddies to rank it a 10. Pretty common for bad games on desura.

I love the graphics.

Lacks depth.

You just run around with a bow and shoot enemies, cell based 4-way movement, and the enemies are pretty generic with the AI. Collect keys.

This could have been a great game but somebody got lazy and decided to make a shooter instead of an action RPG. And it didn't save my game, I'm ******.

- 20 Exciting Stages! --------- Exciting? Not really.
- 4 Thrilling Boss Fights! --------- Yeah, I'm doubting that at this point. If it would save my ******* game, I guess I'd find out!
- Challenging Combat! --------- Because you use a ******* slow *** bow & arrow with 4-way cell based movement.
- Retro Style Graphics! --------- The only plus I've found so far.

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