Really Big Sky! A super fast, twin analogue shooter for the modern age! Way over in the big void of space live some aliens. They coveted [your planet] and would do anything to live there themselves. So what's [your planet] to do? Yeah, blast through them all! Face off against waves of enemies, bosses, big laser planets, blackholes, wormholes, giant lasers, planets and asteroids across 11 game modes! Everything is procedurally generated from the way YOU play the game, from attack patterns, strength of bosses and enemies, pacing between waves, generosity of bonuses... etc! Features a comprehensive statistics system to let you hone your mad laser skills!

Purgatoriant says

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Really Big Sky is a feast to the senses. As a shmup it may not be the greatest or the most difficult, but the procedurally generated levels, great visuals (note: sometimes the graphics do get on the way, which kinda ruins the games chances to be a pure skill kind of game, so if you're looking for a legitimate bullet hell-shooter, this is not for you) and the kick *** booming soundtrack keep drawing you back... especially if you're armed with a full HD monitor and a decent sound system.

Oh, and you can NOT complete this game... you just can't. Levels just keep coming in every mode (BTW, there's lots of them to unlock and enjoy) and the pace gets faster and faster and the action gets more hectic and cryptic until you die. But no worries, since 'they' gave you a ship and they were not expecting it back. By the way, you get to upgrade your ship too, so if you're wondering why everything is so difficult at the beginning, that's because you and your ship suck at the time being. Both, you and it, are expected to get better in time though.

Good stuff - that's what the 9/10 is for.

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