Pulsen is a music and rhythm game which relies on the ability to listen to musical beats and catch notes in accordance to those beats. Much like an electronic whack-a-mole, in Pulsen you time each and every note by tapping a key or pressing a button.

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We’ve added many requested features such as timing-based scores, more speed mods, saving modifiers even after closing the game, and a couple new effects while playing charts. You’ll also find two free songs added which were originally going to be in Pulsen: Ultra I.

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We've come back with a massive update adding in two new songs, fixing a number of bugs and slowdowns, addings a bunch of new features, and set the foundations of the online system.

You can now update your game using our new updater and re-download purchased DLC using the website.

There were two songs originally intended to be in Pulsen: Ultra I we never did include and instead put them into Pulsen for everyone to enjoy!

We also added a new Intricate Scoring style for those looking for a greater challenge as well as the abilities to choose a speed mod set and save your modifiers even after the game's been closed.

NOTE: For your old Pulsen: Ultra I DLC to work with this new version of Pulsen, you will have to update Ultra I to version r0002. You can get this version by creating an account on our website.



  • General
    • Two previously-unreleased songs for Pulsen: Ultra I moved to Pulsen
    • New Pulsen Updater updates your game and DLC
    • Top ratings changed
      • P
      • P+
      • P++
      • P Max
  • Noteskins
    • Remade noteskin graphics for Pulsen holds and rolls
    • Shape noteskins have new beat-colored lift graphics
    • All noteskins can now have rotation disabled, not just Stable ones
    • Change between noteskin sets when multiple noteskin sets exist
  • Scoring
    • New Intricate scoring style available for more granularity in timing
    • Grades for Casual Scoring changed to medals
    • Grades and Percentages show up when scrolling the music list
    • Friends' scores show up when scrolling the music list
  • Interface
    • Chooing the number of players has been truncated to one selector
    • The options menu has been truncated to one selector
    • More small-screen adjustments for easier viewing at lower resolutions
    • Minor adjustments overall
    • Setting added to hide groups on the music list
    • Mouse controls work when selecting title menu items, unlocking songs, cheating, and exiting
  • Settings
    • Improved framerate by automatically disabling some graphics settings when the framerate consistenly gets too low
    • When switching between Windowed and Fullscreen using [ALT][ENTER], your Windowed resolution will now be remembered
    • Changing resolution settings in Resolutions.lua no longer requires restarting the game to test the changes


  • Notes in charts can have custom beat colors
  • Note columns can be moved independently of one another


  • Loading the game
  • Scrolling the music list
  • Screen transition times have significantly decreased
  • Minor Netbook performance improvements


  • Muting, using the [PAUSE] key, now works more-consistently
  • Previously, 3D notes would meld together; now they overlap
  • Combo is now calculated properly for Casual scoring when finishing a song
  • Total song time while playing is no longer +1 of the actual song time
  • Total song time now displays the correct value on all screens
  • Going to the music list screen will highlight a random song instead of the top one in the list
  • Changing the unlock mode while selecting a song didn't save that mode after restarting Pulsen
  • While playing Nyan Cat, stars no longer randomly fly across the screen


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