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Prism is an in-development fully 3D MO resembling the Pokemon games. The game will feature and revolve around a new system of capturing and battling monsters. The entirely original battle mechanics will incorporate and accommodate the 3D universe. There will be rank, quests, prestige all formulated to create a strong community, and there will be a wholly original storyline centering on the Prism world and its interesting situation. Players will be able to encounter wild monsters and other players in real time, as well as battle NPC enemies, other players and their friends all in a new world! The game will have an enormous number of monsters which will roam the world, ready to be battled and caught by players. Quests will put the players in new and challenging places to unravel the secrets of an underground organization, discover what they have been hiding, find the secrets of the crystals, unlock their powers, gain power within the cities, and become the greatest player of them all!

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I discuss the modularity of one of Prism's first cities K'lat.

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K'lat Market... With roofs!

You may have noticed that there's been a substantial amount of work on K'lat. I've spent a great deal of time trying to make the city as modular and as reproducible as possible. For those of you interested or just simply curious, I'm making a little "informer" as to how the process works as of now.

First (more or less obviously) we have the walls themselves:


These are the blank wall, wall with window, and wall with door. Now a building with just these components would be a building, but albeit it would be a very boring one.

So we add more exciting elements!


All the embellishments that you see on the buildings in the original image were done with these modular items.

Last but not least, we have the market items:


These are probably the most modular since they are just all variations on a single. And they'll be filled with "stuff" and people so it'll be less noticeable that you're walking past the same 4 types of stalls (the first one is a door covering).

Modularity is not only important in terms of cutting down the amount of assets but also because it keeps production time low. With the assets shown in the first two images, a huge number of buildings can be very quickly created (with interiors in addition to exteriors). Now, certainly many of these buildings will look quite a bit a like, but with a single texture replacement two similarly designed buildings can look very distinct.

That's not to say that every building will be created with the modular sets. There will be a handful of buildings that don't use (or use very little of) the set. These are for filling out the city so it's not so bare and has a bit more to explore than simply looking down the alley and seeing your next quest objective.

Right now, I'm working in all my free time to fill up K'lat so that we can have something to start a semblance of a demo with. What we really need for K'lat in order to be presentable are "doo dads". What I mean by this is various elements that you would find in a desert environment, or in an open air market (rugs, fruits, meats, hides, wares, etc). These things will be used in K'lat and all over the world of Cantin. We are (and certainly have been) aching for small contributions like this from the community. If you're interested in helping out, join our forums and tell us what you're good at; we certainly can use the help! Additionally, if you're interested in making buildings with this set, please let us know! Of course we won't release the rights for you to put these in any other game, but we'd love to have some player work... you will even be able to visit your creation in the release!



Hey I notice the roofs now good job, Keep it up.

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