In POP, the player plays through a series of erratic mini-games stylistically tied with the music. The vignettes are interconnected by idiosyncratic videos creating a purposefully disjointed experience. POP is an experimental game in the most literal sense. The game was purposefully built in way that explores a different approach to the typical game development pipelines. It was developed by first approaching the music and running with the first game concept that happened to emerge during that creative process. POP was developed independently by a sole developer. It was self-funded with the proceeds from auxiliary contract work.

HooterBabby says

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The short: Wario Ware + super lo-fi TV clips + seizure inducing art = POP: Methodology Experiment One.

The slightly longer:
A very unique game that actually manages to throw some fun in with the crazy visuals. Some 'art' games try a little too hard e.g. Passages, but this one is fun even if it does at times appear to have a political message, such as the 'liberation' level.

Overall I recommend that you play this odd little game. It's very short, it's fun and it doesn't do anything too groan inducing in the name of art. The developer even had the common courtesy to supply a score at the end. This is important because the display of the score is an admission of being a video game, something that many art/indie developers are too narcissistic to include.

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