A young boy named Kurt finds himself stranded on a peculiar planet, and he must find his way home. Finding help from unlikely allies and the curious tools in his backpack, Kurt must use gravity-defying beams to conquer every platform and solve every puzzle on this strange journey.

Qieth says

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Pid is a wonderful game. No question about it. It has an amazing soundtrack, gorgeous graphics and challenging gamplay. So challenging, in fact, that the developers put in an easy mode you can activate mid-level if it gets a bit too much.

The gameplay is fluent, and it has a very good learning curve. In the end, you are able to navigate the levels using your tools of the trade as if they were an extention of yourself - or Kurt, the protagonist.

The story is engaging and amazing, and it will take you from the deepest dungeons into space and beyond. Pid is definitely a must-have for the puzzle platformer fanatic, and while I don't give a 10 to many games, this one is perfect for its genre.

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