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leohobbs says

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This game is just another game that requires you to pay in order to get features too early. The game is a lot like Second Life but it has zero players.

When I entered my private housing area I was able to jump off the balcony into a bottomless fall, the only way I could find to earn credits or NN in this case was to play a game of true or false on the beach site. This only results in 4NN if you are correct, and a car, the only thing worth purchasing in this game, costs 500NN.

You are also limited to one game of True or False ever 24 hours.

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I have been a Member at Nuvera since 2009 when the virtual world was in beta testing. It's been a joy to watch this world develop and see the community grow. The website is not only lovely, but very easy to navigate. There are community forums where, if you cannot find an answer to a question in the knowledge base or from another member in world, you can ask and actually get very speedy answers. In world graphics are outstanding and there are so many areas, both user created the NuVo grand world…

Aug 3 2012 by NuVoOpal