Minecraft is a first-person fighter/sandbox construction game created by Mojang AB.

acesim says

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This is the best indie game I have ever played. Great gameplay, Great multiplayer and great community. This game is also being updating all the time with bug fixes and great new content in some updates.

The main point of the game is to Build, Mine and Explore. This is also a build to survive game, There are Zombies, Spider and Skeletons in the game, But you could turn the difficulty to peaceful if you want. This is a hard game to class. Its a First person shooter,( no guns tho, But you do get a bow) survivor horror, Action Adventure, Building game with simulation in it. All and all, This game have deep and fun gameplay that well keep you coming back for more!

Oh by the way, You should buy the game now because its 50%. which is around 15$. It's only 50% for alpha. When it goes into beta it will be 30$.

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Minecraft is a small building game that looks like it will be very boring at first glance. You look, and you see blocks, you see animals and you see people building dirt houses. Without knowing the mechanics, it cannot be understood. However, once you play, you can suddenly see why people enjoy the game. Minecraft is portrayed as a building game. You put blocks down and build things, which is reflected in the only easily accessible free version. Minecraft is NOT simply a block building game. It…

Nov 4 2010 by Kizzycocoa