Plunges you into an all-out galactic war to take Earth back from a nearly unstoppable foe - and how you fight that war is entirely up to you.

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I don’t review a lot and that’s my longest review so far, but I guess I just needed this to figure something out – why can’t I get sucked in the game and this whole saga?
As a big sci-fi fan (StarWars, AlienVsPredator and DC universes mostly) I consider “StarWars: Knights of the Old Republic”, also Bioware’s RPG, to be the best one they ever made, so I can’t but draw some lines between the two. OK, firstly, I think what’s improved in ME3 – wider item variety and customization compared to the 2nd game, so I thought this one could give me that amazing open-world KotOR experience too. Sadly no, the exploration part turned out to be even more disappointing than in the 2nd game, where it was way superficial and asked for more setting. Secondly, that promising omni-blade… what a waste of good idea! Why couldn’t they implement it properly? Why not give it the importance lightsaber has putting some kind of story behind it and adding at least a couple more animations for each class? I got bored after using it for a short while. The feature is simply poor. Besides I think biotic power concept should’ve been finally changed more as it’s obviously “Force powers” but without StarWars charm. So here’s one problem - the best things they could take from KotOR to improve the game they either didn’t or got wrong (well, except maybe “stasis” power that they didn’t even rename).
Surely as an RPG it’s quite good and qualitative considering some aspects they explore in a more believable manner than KotOR – character morale and choice complexity, alien role in the story and consistent timeline and it’s cinematically set with some style and hollywoodish heroics. But somehow I don’t feel for the events on the screen and don’t see the game being even made with much care (considering copy-paste errors in planet description).
So, another problem here I think – to make ME saga a proper one they should’ve started it with a more original foundation at least, not over the bones of KotOR, so that ME saga didn’t seem to be a StarWars wannabe world, which kinda insolently asks to be reckoned with. So a couple more questions arise – why create such saga at all? Who would ever complain if they set it in some fan favorite universes they worked with like StarWars? Anyway, after half way through the game it made me so sad I had to quit. If only it was happening in a universe that kinda did matter to me…
My verdict for ME3 is harsh and full of blame toward Bioware, but fair I think – it’s a bit more than average (I think that goes for the whole saga), a fine game, but only if you don’t know your sci-fi or don’t really care what you play, otherwise the game’s a huge insult to sci-fi fans who know better and realize it’s just pieces of KotOR with shiny make up + Milky Way galaxy and minus cozy charm and mystery.
P.S.: I look at what upcoming ME: Andromeda’s been promising with even more sadness… come on, you ditched old characters anyway, so you could've made it such a beautiful new StarWars RPG instead, like one connected to events of Rogue One or Han Solo movies. Fans would love it, EA and Disney would be richer, so what’s the problem? The only promising project in genre I see these days is Apeiron KotOR reboot. By the looks of it these gamers are making it out of love to StarWars and true sci-fi unlike Bioware…

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A very very good game. The ending however, left me unsatisfied with many questions. Recommended to ANYONE who likes shooters/rpgs.

May 16 2012 by MorshuLoL