This is a lua game that has its own story to the single player... The game features a wide weapon list!... Eaven a few reach weapons ;)... Its coded in LUA so that it can be played on the psp. Its a Arcade style game that features as many things as i could pack into the engine :)

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So recently i have made a few brake throughs!!....

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Hello everyone i know its soon to be posting more news but i think its time for it :)

Well i worked from 2pm to 2am working on Health bar code, recharge, muzzle flshes, HUD, and animation :)

Well here is the new stuff!!

The new muzzle flash changes with the gun and is set on timers and so is the bullet and reload code which is all writen in the same block of code... This allows the game not to freez like it used to...

The health bar was a PAIN!!.. but its also set on timers and recharges after hit and waits 550 milli seconds then recharges by 1... so it takes a bit to recharge back to 100%... The health bar is going to be like Halo revamps because i think it looks nifty dont ya think ^_^...

HUD is almost done just got a lil bit more before i can add in the bullet counters and grenades... YES GRENADES!!! with physics :)

New weapons ??!!??...

Well i was thinking and i figured a way to make a heavy weapon... like a chaingun?... well its going to take a while... but look for it in a few updates down the road ;)

Also i think im going to add a type of physics to certain objects in the back ground... like lets say i throw a grenade next to a ground weapon and when the grenade explodes the ground weapon will fly a little bit and land... but im not sure if im gong to do this yet... i havnt came up with any way of doing this yet...

Some new stuff that i have been messing with is distant objects that move with the back ground to give the player a sence that hes actually watching the spartin in the distance killing an onslaut of grunts :).. i should have a video soon of what im talking about... :) its just going to be a test but nothing real yet haha...

Well thank you all i should have a massive update soon !!


awesome! :D

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