Fibrillation is a first person philosophic horror with elements of mysticism for a run-through in one breath. You’ve got only one chance to play through the whole game with no savings. The main character is called Ewan. He is wandering about mysterious places trying to find a way out. Hallucinations? A trap of mind? Life in the balance? Haunted by his own fears, the main character has to make sense of it all and find a way out. Passing through all of these obstacles a player will face a choice that will influence the end of the whole game and Ewan’s destiny. Homepage games

edtanguma says

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Fibrillation is a game that tries to express artistic meaning in a visually drab world. It paces itself much like Dear Esther, where all the player needs to do is move forward. However, unlike Dear Esther, there is hardly a reason to do so. Story elements are few and far between, and every element explored here has been explored before and has been explored better. It is touching to think about its message of holding on to life in accordance to whomever the game was dedicated to in the opening sequence, but nearly everything else about the tale is dismiss-able. What the game does succeed in is creating a sense of nightmarish unease, not horror, but unease.

Fibrillation ultimately plays out like a friend's boring and incoherent tale of whatever nightmare they had the previous night.

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This is pretty fantastic. I've only tried the demo so far, but I'm likely to buy this out of support. My only two criticisms are:
1. The Narrative Voice- Could just be the voice acting but something about that seriously murdered the immersion.
2. Not sure how long this game is going to be but I'd appreciate a place to save. Or at least maybe I missed it, but a pause button.

Dec 21 2012 by apatkeo