Another game from the legendary Earth series, the action of the game is a continuation of events that happened in earlier games, and takes place after the complete destroy of our planet. This time, you fight for all planets of the Solar System! Choose between four sides of the conflict: the well-known ED, LC & UCS, and the new race in the series - Aliens. Four sides, four different styles of achieving victory - from weapons, through buildings, finishing on fight strategies. This won't make you bored. The game is based on Earth-4 engine, and uses T&L rendering, pixel shaders and realistic lighting.

Astor says

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This game is a MUST PLAY for ANY RTS FAN!

I never palyed a game with such diiversity in faction design! To bad that I only noticed this game so late. But better late than never ;)

I recommend this game - as an AoE, EE, SupCom veteran :D

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