An old-skool arcade-style swarm-shooter, with some game mechanic twists. Presented in full 60hz HD, and featuring realtime-sound synthesis and algorithmic music.

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Explain That Game makes a valiant effort at explaining Debug Formulation.

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This was a pleasure to watch, even though frustrating. It seem, I may have made this game too difficult to figure out for all but the hardcore. This guy was SO CLOSE!

Thanks to WhoKnowsGaming for doing the video and getting so close to cracking my unintentionally cryptic game mechanic.

What he missed; There is no POW loss for dying, it is the re-spawn delay that will likely result in some of the Cores falling off the screen. Each time a Core is lost, off the screen bottom, a Bug re-spawns, AND one POW is subtracted from the bar!

The shooting is a bit more complex than a single shot limit. There are actually two shots fired each time the button is PRESSED, one is the propulsion blast that fires the cannon shot up the screen. This will fire as fast as you can press the button however with a low POW bar these blasts are more of a melee type weapon. They do become very powerful with larger POW meter.

The main Cannon's shots have a long reload time, however as the fire button is HELD the propulsion blast are recycled, so no melee shots are fired, the main cannon fires faster and faster, till the POW bar is fully charged. Yes maintaining the POW bar in a Charged State will move the ship faster and further up the screen as well. The intent is to provide game-play options and no single way to play this game. Shooting Bugs quickly will cause many Cores to start falling, this is fine if the player can juggle ;) otherwise they will be loosing POW for each one they miss. Had he had a bit more POW on Wave 3, he would have seen the next Bug type 'The Flakers'.

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