The setting is World War II, and England has made and trained a small group of special elite forces called 'commandos'. These commandos are specially trained to take on the most crucial and risky missions. These men are sent in to covertly take out installations, sabotage plans, assassinate leaders, and cause as much disruption to the enemies of the free world.

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Game developed by Pyro Studios(The creators of Praetorians!), that should be enough to explain why have I evaluated it's worthness to a big, striking and self satisfying 10.

It's just a brilliant series of tactical games that changed the dimension and approach towards making new games where everything is dependant on stealth and workarounds for various situations.

Graphics took the advance over most of games released in the days of Commandos' glory, it's definitely a strong side to their ship, destructible environment and smooth animations were really good.

Music, it has definitely created an immersive atmosphere while playing, too bad they didn't last long and they were usually a part of intro to the mission's start. This could've been done better (unless I've played some strange version) but that's not much of an issue.

Gameplay, mechanics, the technical aspects of the game rely on skills, there's not much to learn about it, apart from hotkeys that tend to be quicker and more effective in usage than grabbing stuff directly from a backpack. It has been improved in further versions. There are some bugs and AI may amuse most players but I don't think it has been improved much since Commandos was released.

It's a great game, has it's own charming essence that makes people think more than once, completing each missions grants player a lot of satisfaction and eager for even more.

It definitely deserves 10/10

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