BattleTanks II is a combination action/strategy tank combat game where you can battle against up to 3 other teams of computer-controlled tanks, in one of 5 unique battlefields. BattleTanks II features three tank types to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. There are many ways to win a war in BattleTanks II. If you like being the commander of your army, you can sit back away from the action, directing your army’s actions strategically. However, if you prefer action, there’s nothing stopping you from helping your tanks out and join the fight. You can make sneak attacks, massive assaults, try weakening your enemy with artillery, and much more. John Judnich is the creator of this game.

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It's time for another update to get the gears going again. The modding community must be a litle more productive...We got to keep this game alive.

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Alright, so I'm just going to say it now:
Anybody who has made anything for this game should release it to the public. This game has a small and inactive modding community, and John J. lost the source code, but still, it's easy to butcher a tank, create textures and them sort of things.
So I haven't done anything in well over 8 months, but that'll change.
I'm aiming to release a new package of all of the content so far released, from the awesome maps created, to the new and creative tanks released.
For those of you who want to mod the game and don't know how:

All you need is notepad.
You can begin by modding the weapon speed, damage etc. and you should be able to figure out things from there. If not, let me know and I'll create a decent tutorial.

And just so you all know, John J. has been creating an entire universe of a game. From what I heard from him back last March, it's going to be the biggest game by far ever released, all he has to do now is complete it(Which may take a few more years).
It's amazing how such a quick, productive, and skilled guy can create a neat little game like this in a month and turn to the biggest game-making project ever.

Hopefully he'll find and release the source code and release it within the next few months, but I doubt it since I haven't spoken to him since Mid-March. If he does, then we'd be able to expand the game and make it much larger, and if any of you know how to code in multiplayer, then we could probably do that as well.

If you have any more questions, let me know.


lokoeuxd Creator

Hello people ... I'm writing here just to warn "Mostly you TankaTed" I briefly posted several new addons:
Three new maps, new explosion effects (more real), New wheel for the tanks (runs real tank), and a new set of textures for the tanks ...
Has not posted since the textures are not yet ready, missing very little more to finish!

FYI: Carlos Alberto Gisch (lokoeuxd)

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rebel28 Creator

Yeah, sorry I haven't been around.

I don't get E-mail notifications for updates.

So I only know about things when you message me.

If you need my help, I can have a go at texturing.
I've got a lot of experience in graphic design
A tiny bit in programming (HTML, and I know the BT2 coding, at least I used to)
and I can do 3D modeling. (Sketchup, 3ds Max, and terrible at Zbrush.)

My 3D modeling is moderately good, I don't know where to rate it, but I can't do organic things (Trees, living beings, or anything smooth-like)

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ʇɐuʞɐʇǝp Author

I also see that you are skilled at walking on walls! XD

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rebel28 Creator

Ah, the Parkour.
I didn't see this comment till now.

I don't really do it anymore, mostly because I can't find the time to.

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You know, this is a pretty simple game, It wouldnt be that hard to port it to a different engine, Say...UDK. Give it some multiplayer support and modding compatibility and you get what might be one of the simplest yet most enjoyable Indie of the year

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