A remake of the Multiplayer of Conker's Bad Fur Day™ on the Nintendo 64.

themoodude says

Early access review

8/10 -

This review is based on the Alpha release (0.1) and will be amended as and when the game is updated.

In its current state it is very bare. You're limited to one playable character (the squirrel) and one map (halls). Additionally there's only one weapon at the moment.

That said it's building the groundwork for what could be the best re-creation for a long time. We all remember the great multiplayer games in CBFD on the N64; and bringing this to the PC and the internet is an amazing idea. I sincerely hope the devs support local split-screen; best of both worlds then- local for the games with a few mates round, and net for when you're honing your skills at teddy killing!

Just an aside; if anyone likes the idea of porting classic N64 titles to the PC with net play; if you're not already aware of it, check out Goldeneye: Source. It's pretty much the same idea but with Goldeneye 64- and it's a tad more developed at the moment too.

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