Antumbra is a very odd game. It's creepy, scary, horror and incredibly hard. So hard, that you can and should expect to die dozens of times. My inspiration was things such as Darkseed, Silent Hill, Hellraiser, Event Horizon, Shivers and Lovecraft. Antumbra is also a very special "thing" to me. Because I've made it mostly for myself. Because right now, I am having a very difficult time in my life. And I had to vent. So I took all my nightmares, my fears, my anger, sorrow and misery... And I turned it into a game. Antumbra is the most personal creation I ever made. It's also my first game, that I made from scratch, and finished - all by myself. The game was supposed to be a lot bigger but I had to cut that out due to lack of time. And It's also the first adventure game I ever tried developing. I would like to make Antumbra 2, with better graphics and longer gameplay but I have no idea would anybody actually play it. So here's this. Please support me - and I'll make more.

brandon4117 says

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Being a point and click game, it gives what you'd really want from something like this. Disturbing creatures, unnerving sounds and moments, jumpy moments, and an odd world to explore in, all wrapped up in a point and click universe. There's not a whole lot to this game, but what there is, is what I love about horror games. For a small project, it does its job well. A 10 from me, overall, since there was nothing I could find that really retracted from the game personally.

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