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Dec 5 2017 Anchor

I want to create a web based political simulator where players create their own politicians and try and pass laws for their respective country. The countries will be fictional and have different forms of government. There will also be player controlled media companies that post "reports" about the politician players and the game will scan the post that the PCMO posted about a player's politician for keywords that will determine how much of a boost or hit they take. So I want to know what other thing would people be interested in and what the challenges of making this type of game would be.

Dec 9 2017 Anchor

I think the idea of that game is wonderful. Please tell me the details of it in a bit more detail.

Dec 11 2017 Anchor

It would be a game where players sign up and either be a politician or media organization though to keep it interesting I would have NPC politicians who have a set ideology, but also learn from player actions. Politician player would gain "Political Capital" or "PC" for short. Which would have a decline rate that is slight if the player is active but if a player goes inactive for a long time they would notice the decline in their PC. When it comes to players who choose to become media organizations they would write articles about politician players and the game would scan the article for keywords and label it as a "Fluff or Slander or another media term" the politician players could respond to the article or ignore it, but either way it would have some kind of effect on them. That's all I have so far as it a work in progress.

So I was going to work with a group of people over discord to get this game made but I don't have access to the discord channel anymore. So as of this moment I'm looking for people to help with this game.

I want to start off by focusing on politicians and media organizations then later on down the road add businesses to the game as another way to play. I would also like there to be different countries in the game as well as NPC politicians and media organizations that way people stay active in the game as I do what to make it a browser game but I'm open to making a desktop game.

I want to be completely honest as well where I have limited game development experience I will mostly be handling PR for the game and getting the word out about the game as that doesn't take much experience and I can learn as I go.

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Jan 10 2018 Anchor

You could also make a comedy game where politicians just scream at each other and never get anything done

Jan 11 2018 Anchor

I want to see not the comedy game but the original idea game

Jan 18 2018 Anchor
psxpetey wrote:

You could also make a comedy game where politicians just scream at each other and never get anything done

You could also make an ultra realistic simulator game about reaction speed where you're Trump and have to hit the nuke button before Kim Jong-un does so.

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Jan 19 2018 Anchor

I'm open to suggestions as to what would be a good idea to make this a realistic political simulator

The game itself will be based on realism, but set in made up countries each with a different type of government

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