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Apr 4 2021 Anchor

Basically i want to make a science fiction video-game, but my friends (low number of them) don't want to join in with the work.

I can do some mapping and some texturing for the map, sound effects sound editing, limited coding. I do some of the storyline and concepts, some namings.

I DON'T need a lot of voice actors i aim to have a furrier transform based software which can be used to edit peoples voice. The software we ourselves program or if you know such software please report [i wasn't yet searching for it, i just thought its doable]

The game:

Titled Spacefarers: The new order for the first game and Spacefarers: Celestial dominion for the second game.

The first game have 6 factions
-Terran conglomerate: humans who have robots synthetic persons (somewhat robotic) and some genetic engineering, industrial
-"outlandish factions" various confederacies (names not yet given). the lines of their vehicles and those angles suggest sand and rust they have moreprimitive robots and have some more genetic engineering
-Drakonian empire: gothic, blackmetalish "vampire" faction who come from a mountainous region. they have skeletal motifs also (some of their mercenary subfactions). They have higher integration computers and kind of ok artificial intelligence [the mathematics and logic of the signal processing is ok]
-Namidians: insectid humanoids with a tail with a claw on the end of the tail which can grab [small grabber feet lining the underside of the tail]. they have electricity-like weapons only the bolts don't work like electricity but spreads like electricity in metal
-Elun: Another sort of tribal faction wich is somewhat colourfull, have tails with decoration have 3 3 holes vertically aligned on the side of their face for filter eating and have somewhat flattened oval heads. they use staffs as weapons, they also use christals. their beams have a significant sideways pushing force [beams and projectiles]
-Gogaath swarm: flattened creatures with multiple legs, insects. some have bigger top row legs [lice] some are having a tail curving on the top. Also have more humanlike creatures wich have 3 inward closing fingerclaws on their lower feet and upper feet and have slightly boxy head

The second game adds 5 factions:
-Empire of Nor'eth (e like in bet): have good approximation of sentient human-like thinking within their rorobotics, the leaders transformed themselves to robots in order to have their soul migrate gradually onto the hardware and this way live forever, they have little human population. they have techno cities
-Tveelen: sort of elves with somewhat pointy ears and slightly waving innercorner of their eyes. they have magiclike powers more the psychic powers (various of the factions have somewhat psychic powers). They also have other companion species and one species which handles their trees and are rulers of them (with four birdtype wings two beaks and two inner jaws and segmented feathered tentacles from the head wich have beaks and are able used to suckle juices of trees. They have somewhat magic technology mixed in with normal cyborg technology.
-Gi ro nuk: sort of animals with 2 pairs of eyes on the slanted side of their faces and one big compound eye on top of their head they have feathers and blunter somewhat pointy noses for the workers and two big compound eyes and 6 smaller compound eyes on the side and somewhat back of the head for their rulers [who have korall like protrusions too]. they are also christal users who have plasma weapons and anglewise shields
-Hosh: four legged animals and grublike animals who have christals and the grublike animals have 4 antlerlike horns. They can cling to surfaces and have somewhat errant electrictiy wich is somewhat searching for the living creatures periferies.
-Gren: have 3 species one a transmogrified human clone another is a somewhat toad-like, wrinkled headed four toed creature and another bipedal skorpionlike creature without the curving tail, they are liviing with large trees wich cultivate a purplepink sort of chrystal for the most part, from those trees originate a Chrystal of life wich is acquired by the Tveelen elves.

There are some other details to the factions. Linkspace in this universe is curved on points so long distance travel is possible towards the vicinity of special Celestles (stars). Psychics are used for navigation along with computers
All of the species features and main body ratios are according to humane ratios or close to it so it looks natural

i want to have a world with storyline so that the various features of the world are shown to the player.

-Programmer [who can work with 3d engine perhaps GODOT engine as it seems good], who can work at least with steam matchmaking for multiplayer master-server functionality,
-MAYBE programmer who can write a good voice editing software with Furier transform [i could be able to do that]
-script writer who writes conversations
-3d artist who can work with angles and ratios so as to convey a feeling a sense through the artwork
-graphics artist texture artist [who can be the same as the 3d artist preferably]
-mapper (who can make unique maps with entertaining and chalanging features for multiplayer
-music composer

i am not sure of the amounts we need of each i plan to have vehicles and a somewhat minimalistic, but good weapon selection for each species and some 4 character minimum per faction but somewhat more is better

(Also opinions on the videogame composition are welcome)

It will be commercial and the members share the income one of us posts this on steam we randomly select one member or should it be myself?

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GeneralJist Co-founder, Managing Member, Producer
Apr 21 2021 Anchor

Umm, What kind of game is this?

From just reading it, it sounds like an rTS, if it is an RTS, that's way too much work to do.

11 factions?

3 is typical,

If your a writer and composer, you should be looking for other projects, not make your own. This is a way to ambitious game concept.

You need someone to lead the art the code, and if your lucky, the administration.

I did a mod trying to add 3 new factions to a game, and we only finished 1, and that took 7 years.

Unless of course, you can pay people a wage...

I'm telling you from experience, don't do this, it sounds like this is poorly planned out, and you don't know what is involved.

As for not needing voice actors, I recently bought the following program, and it seems to work well

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