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Feb 13 2019 Anchor

Me and a few others are currently working on an game so I am looking for a coder to help with the project. The game in question is called rose rock shooter and its a Side scrolling action Shoot 'em up with MOBA like abilities. The game is using unity engine. I am pixel artist who is making the assets for all the characters, we have already finish the first character animations. So I am looking for a another coder. I am looking to get another coder on board because we are doing this in our spear time for now and my coder has a full time job. The games concept is that the players are welcomed to rose rock city a place on brink of chaos. But an elite team has been assembled of some odd characters and this group is called Phantom orchid.

If you are interested then you can email me at and I can send you my high concept document and GDD document that has more details on the project. thanks to read this.

iQew Unity Dev
Feb 14 2019 Anchor

Revenue share?

So what's your business model? What's your target group and why? Which markets are you focussing on and why? Do you have any business partners? Who is creating the business strategies? What's his/her background in business? How are you going to pay for advertisement? What kind of advertisement strategies do you have planned?

Many questions open here. Do not call your project revenue-shared, if there's not going to be any revenue. This is an unfair way of deceiving people to make them think they may one day get paid for their work.

I don't think you have an ill intent or anything and you just wish to put your game on the market and maybe make some income off it and then share it fairly. If you read this and thought "yes, that's it" then just call it a free-time project. Because, let's be honest here, your project will most likely not make any money above a couple dollars, which are not worth sharing.

If I am totally wrong and you can answer all of the above questions, please go ahead, because that's crucial info you're leaving out.

Best wishes

Feb 18 2019 Anchor

Thank you for your feedback. This the first time trying this myself and I eager to learn. Your right I am just looking to make a game that tells original tale and make some income. No EA greed goggles here so no microstation or any in game monetization. For your question I am going to answer them as best as I can. For the business strategies that would be me I have the GGD for the project and is use that as my guild going forward. The game will be on PC hoping on get it on steam and game jolt that would be my monetization model. My target audiences are teen to adults. Also, MOBA players and action platformer players. With that in mind the theme of the games has been built around this audiences. For myself I have A level in business studies. I am partnered with Ultra Virtus Games how I work under to get this project off the ground. We are an up coming business they have experience in indie project managing. Through my partners background. For advertisement I will personally make character game trailer for each of the 4 playable character give some story details of how they and how fit together. Think Like Smite character reveals and Overwatch character just in pixel art and with a low budget.

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