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Sep 6 2019 Anchor

My PS2 still works to this day, my first PS3 worked 8 years before being unusable, and my PS4 Pro has lasted barely a year and 11 months (bought it in September 2017). It is a piece of hardware that, for its price and release date, should be durable, not already to throw in the thrash. I always kept it clean any time I had the oppurtunity, I used for like 5 hours a day maximum and now it doesn't work? Not just the disc player, but the console starts and all I get is a dark screen, then the re-boot screen and then simply doesn't go anywhere ! It even turned itself off the first time I tried to make run again. The PS4, if it has this durability, it is not worth the price, not even discounted or with videogames included.

Seamus.Editor Editor-in-Chief of ModDB & IndieDB
Dec 2 2019 Anchor

Damn that sucks Calumscott :( I've had my PS4 Pro for a couple of years now and never had any issues with it, although I've honestly used my Switch more than any other console over the last couple of years, so haven't used my PS4 Pro super often.

My first PS4, that I got a few months after the console launched, started having issues after about 3 years, but not sure if that was because I was travelling a lot with it and it got damaged along the way. But it definitely feels like with game consoles, and a lot of things in general these days, they aren't built to last nearly as long since we all consume so much and move onto something new so quickly. But that is super annoying, you could trade it into your local Gamestop or EB Games (or your local equivalent if you hopefully have one) for a new one, as those stores will often take consoles and repair them for resale, so everyone kinda wins.


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Sep 15 2020 Anchor

It's really bad luck, have you tried to take it to a repairman?

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