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May 17 2019 Anchor

As I am new to modding and I don't know some of it's technical stuff especially modding games like brothers in arms, I would like to introduce my ideas first. We are familiar of Rendroc's Warzone mod and some of it's features is the "The Germans" mutator which makes you play as the Wehrmacht soldier. Now I notice on the maps I played with this mutator, the tanks are still Shermans. Now, I like to change it into Panzer IV tanks. And the enemy tank into Sherman tanks provided that I am on the German side.

Now my question is what specific files of Brothers in arms should I modify? My goal is to create a Panzer IV mutator which will change the Sherman tanks into Panzer IV tanks

Help among the developers here are very much appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

Rendroc I highly recommend it to you sir.

May 20 2019 Anchor

This was tricky so it's why I didn't get around to it, but it's been a long time so I can't remember exactly why, though. The code for the US tanks and the German tanks are very different for one thing. You would have to find out how to spawn a German tank from each US TankSpawner, and assign the same team as the player.

If I recall correctly, in TheGermans mutator, I kept the player's team as US, so the Germans would have to be US team as well, so they don't shoot at each other. Similarly, US tanks would have to be set to the German team.

The next part would be to get the tank to be able to follow commands from the player. As I said I can't remember, but the German tanks might not be able to do this, so you would probably have to copy some of the US tank code into the German tank code.

If you can get this far, I will see if I can help you some more. Good luck!

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