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Jun 6 2019 Anchor

I was wondering if anyone has tried to develop a game on blockchain already? The main reason I am asking is that recently (this will sound spammy but I have to give context to my findings) I found a quite interesting and promising project that should allow quite an interesting platform for developing blockchain games. And I am thinking to give it a test run. For those who are interested here is a short recap and I hope someone will have some more insights to share:

Ebakus is a next-generation blockchain that enables blockchain based games to reach mass adoption. They have developed a unique blockchain
around a frictionless UX. Ebakus’ web wallet can be added directly to dapp development. This way circumventing the third party plugins. Which makes it easier for user onboarding besides all else.

There are also no fees or stakes. Meaning that I don’t have to worry about running costs for the decentralized applications/games. Like other blockchain solutions.

Has 1-second transactions and are applicable to all platforms. This is allowed by the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS), that enables to reach high throughput (23,000+ tps) with 1sec latency. Moreover, they leverage proprietary transactional ebakusDB in its core and is also available inside the smart contracts to enable to have proper schema defined tables with indexes.

So far so good. Right? Thus if anyone had any prior experience in developing on blockchain it would be fantastic if you would share your insights, hardships and what to look in a blockchain software before starting to build a game on it. Thank you!

P.s. I will have more technical details after I have a deeper look at their solution!

Jul 11 2019 Anchor

The most popular programming language used currently to write smart contracts is Solidity. Solidity is an object-oriented high-level programming language. Its syntax is similar to that of ECMAScript, the standard script for JavaScript. This makes it easier to understand and implement for programmers. Codes written in Solidity are designed keeping in mind the rules of the Ethereum Virtual Machine or EVM. It is a compiler for the “Ethereum World Computer''

Jul 13 2019 Anchor

Hi Threadwatch- I worked on the art for the blockchain game You could try joining their discord server there, I'm sure the dev team are really cool they might be able to answer any questions you may have about it.

From what I gathered it's actually quite complicated and has quite a few hurdles to overcome but they did it so it's doable!


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