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Sep 12 2017 Anchor

Kirk Markarian:

Soundtrack Composition & Sound Design

My name is Kirk Markarian. I'm a composer of electronic music and a sound designer / SFX creator for video games, film, animation, commercial, and other projects. I've worked on 16+ games, 8 films, several animations, and a variety of other projects with more work in the pipeline. I have references on my LinkedIn page, and I can provide more via .PDF if necessary.

My specialties are a multitude of electronic musical styles. From cyberpunk to vaporwave, dance/pop, ambient, or utterly abstract. If you want electronic music, I make it. I have studied and practiced making nearly every kind of electronic music that I can find; from the 1950's on up. I can accurately emulate not only the "feel" of several types of music, but the "age" as well.

I'm especially fond of melodies, and it's prominent in several of my soundtrack pieces. I also go out of my way to synthesize all of my own sounds, unless a client has a very specific request. Along with this, I am also extremely efficient with my work, providing my clients quick, accurate results.

I do not compose classical, neo-classical, or acoustic music

This website is solely dedicated to sharing my video game soundtrack composition and sound design. If you're looking for examples of film, animation, commercial, etc., I can provide those examples upon request.

While you may hear several examples of the electronic music that I can compose in the various video game projects, I want to share my Bandcamp page with you as well. There are several styles of electronic music available to listen to on Bandcamp that do not make any appearances in the video games I've composed for. I also have commercial music for sale on Noisefarm.

Aesthetic Melody


Silicon Void
Ghost in the Slug

TONS of other electronic music: Kirk Markarian's Bandcamp Page

Thank you for checking out my links!

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