Ren'Py is a free, 2D, and cross-platform engine that helps you make story-based games including visual novels and simulation games. It uses a scripting language based on Python.

brandon4117 says

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This engine is actually very easy to use and as long as you have the skill to make the art, music, and story (Or at least have a team of people willing to help), you can make a Visual Novel VERY easily and very nicely with this engine.
It's free, and not too hard to understand. It even has it's own tutorial game that goes rather in-depth with it's controls and scripting.

Frankly, if you're into Visual Novels and you want to make one of your own, this is an Engine I highly recommend. All you need is your own art, music, and story, and with help from the tutorial (or prior coding knowledge) you're pretty much set.

Very few things I found a little annoying but other than those this engine is pretty much wonderful in most ways.
Give it a download and a try if you want to make a VN.
It's worth the few seconds it takes to download.

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