Ice2D™ Game Engine is Royalty free for use with any type of freeware, shareware or commercial game with focus on independent games and tools developers. Ice2D™ is designed to be used for rapid development of multimedia and games in 2D or ISO metric view with some simple 3D Cut scenes available. Features include Fast sprite engine, isometric maps and objects, tweening, particle effects, bitmap fonts, game scene manger, flexible rendering with directX9. Many Source codes examples provided in C# for vs.2010 and vb classic / vb6 or other COM enabled languages

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This is a small game design document template you can use to improve your game design process and as a check list.

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Design Document for:

Name off Game

One Liner catch , i.e. The Ultimate Racing Game

“Something funny here!”™
All work Copyright ©2010 by
Written by <>
Version # 1.00
Sunday, May 16, 2010

Table of Contents

Design History

Game Overview ______________________________________________________5
In One Sentence _______________________________________________________5
Abstract _____________________________________________________________5
Platform _____________________________________________________________5
Theme of the Game____________ ________________________________________5
Target Audience ________________________________________________________5
Unique Selling Points______________________________________________________5

Philosophy _____________________________________________________________5
Common Questions ______________________________________________________6
Game Mechanics ______________________________________________________7

Game Type ___________________________________________________________7
Controls ______________________________________________________________7
Scoring _______________________________________________________________7
Win and Lose Conditions________________________________________________7
Level Design __________________________________________________________7
Hours of Gameplay ____________________________________________________7
Victory Conditions _____________________________________________________7
Benefits / rewards______________________________________________________7
Penalty / obstructions __________________________________________________7

Visual Style ___________________________________________________________8

Game screens __________________________________________________________8
Assets ________________________________________________________________8
User Interface __________________________________________________________8

Musical Scores and Sound Effects _________________________________________8
List of sound effects and where they are used. _______________________________8

Extra Stuff_____________________________________________________________9

Overview _______________________________________________________________9
Junk I am working on…___________________________________________________9

“User Interface Appendix” ______________________________________________10
“Other Appendix” ______________________________________________________10

Copyright (C) 2012 – All rights reserved – Run away! Confidential Page
Design History

This is a brief explanation of the history of this document.
In this paragraph describe to the reader what you are trying to achieve with the design history. It is
possible that they don’t know what this is for and you need to explain it to them.

Version 1.10

Version 1.10 includes some tuning and tweaking that I did after making my initial pass at the design.
Here is what I changed.
1. I rewrote the section about what systems the game runs on.
2. I incorporated feedback from the team into all parts of the design however no major changes were made.
3. Just keep listing your changes like this.

Copyright (C) 2012 – All rights reserved – Run away! Confidential Page 5

Game Overview

In One Sentence
This is your pitch. This is your most important sentence and should sum up your game in a nutshell. Choose this sentence wisely. E.g. the pitch for the movie Alien was: Jaws on a spaceship.

Short abstract. Here you write a short summary about what the game is about. Not too long, not too detailed. Keep it short, and to the point.

Hobbyists most often make games for the Windows platform.

Theme o
f the game
Either Halloween or "Mystic eastern" theme could be used

rget Audience
Who is your key-demographic. People tend to ignore this section for smaller hobby games, but knowing your audience will help guide the design in the right direction.
Male or Female or boys or girls? Ages?

ique Selling Points
This section lists the reason people will play your game.
You should have at a minimum 3, preferably 5. There must be some reason people will play your game over the competition.

USP #1
USP #2
USP #3

Philosophical point #1

We are ripping off the competition so exactly that I can’t believe it. The world will be shocked at how we are using an existing engine with new art.

Philosophical point #2

When you create some of these overarching philosophical points about your design, say whatever you want. Also, feel free to change it to “My game design goals” or whatever you like to call it.

Copyright (C) 2012 – All rights reserved – Run away! Confidential Page 6

Common Questions

What is the game?
Why create this game?
Where does the game take place?
What do I control?
How many characters do I control?
What is the main focus?
What’s different?

Copyright (C) 2012 – All rights reserved – Run away! Confidential Page 7
Game Mechanics
A game design document without a description of the core mechanics of the game is worth little. This is where you describe how actually to play the game, and what makes it fun and challenging.

Game Type

Match 3, Pickup/Erotic, Luxor type game ... etc. including a short text about how to play the game type

How do you play the game.

If any kind of reward system is in the game, describe it here.

in and Lose Conditions
How do you win and how do you lose the game.

l Design
In this section of the game design document describe each level of the game. How to complete it,
sketches, etc.

rs of Gameplay
Talk about how long the single-player game experience is supposed to last or what your thoughts are at this point.

ictory Conditions
How does the player win or loose?

fits / rewards
What makes it easier for the player .. or what price can the player find / win

lty / obstructions
What makes it harder / more difficult for the player ... what does the play want to avoid / escape from.

The game story. This can be very long or very short depending on the game. If there is a background story, make sure to add a section on that as well.

Details about charaters

Copyright (C) 2012 – All rights reserved – Run away! Confidential Page 8
Visual Style
Description of the visual style. This section of the game design document is very important when the director is not the visual designer. Even when the same person, this section will be a great inspiration and motivator for the rest of the team, as well as help pitch the idea to any stakeholders.
The section should include visual references as well as concept art of locations, sketches etc.

What type of graphics? give some links with examples of other games.

Game sc
Sketches of all game screens.

A prioritized bulleted list of all graphical assets needed.

r Interface
Provide some sort of an overview to your interface and same as all the previous sections, break down thecomponents of the UI below.

User Interface Detail #1 / Drawing
User Interface Detail #2 / Drawing

ical Scores and Sound Effects
List of sound effects and where they are used.

Copyright (C) 2012 – All rights reserved – Run away! Confidential Page 9
Extra Miscellaneous Stuff
Drop anything you are working on and don’t have a good home for here.

I am working on…
Crazy idea #1
Crazy idea #2

Copyright (C) 2012 – All rights reserved – Run away! Confidential Page 10
“User Interface Appendix”
ther Appendix”

Copyright (C) 2012 – All rights reserved – Run away! Confidential Page 12

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