Lots of bug Fixes. not much else to say. Decided to release, as a game i play is currently offline due to evil ddos Attackers.

Zombie Mod 2143 0.6b
GMod-Player - - 13 comments

Why is the folder empty that is to download?
what should be in it ?
kuld you help me?
[and sorry my english is bad!] :(

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GMod-Player - - 13 comments

only when you download the folder on filefront it is not empty!!!
when you download this from a mirror of moddb you get an empty folder!! :)
but now I have it and play the mod!!!! :D
ok, by!!!! :)

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HellJumperGrif - - 62 comments

If i just downlaod this one do I have everything? or do i need a different download first?

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