Add tracks from Yakuza 1, 2 and 3 into the game. This will affect the main menu, in-game dialogue scenarios and boss fights. I think it spices up the game in very interesting ways.

Music Mod Standalone
noko12312 - - 6 comments

Glad to see you posting stuff on here. Will definitely check this out. Hopefully some more people add content to moddb soon, seems we are the only ones.

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gladias9 Author
gladias9 - - 18 comments

I'd love to see more support for this game.
I wish SEGA would release some sort of mod tools for easier access.

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gladias9 Author
gladias9 - - 18 comments

There is an optional Shenmue Music for Free Roam version currently being uploaded (as seen in the video).

Expect it in the next few hours.

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Guest - - 695,207 comments

mind me asking how this works exactly? does it randomize encounter music?

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gladias9 Author
gladias9 - - 18 comments

I wish. Regular battle music is locked away in another encrypted file that I have no hope of unencrypting.

The original mod touches the music of some of the in-game cutscenes, quite a few of the story battles (boss fights, extended battle sequences) and maybe some side missions. Nothing is randomized but everything is looped.

So you will get a decent mixture of original music and modded music, not a complete conversion.

The optional Shenmue version adds traveling music while you're walking through the towns.

Just keep in mind that the mod hasn't been tested thoroughly, keep a backup of the original files.

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