Version 1.9.6 of Wyrmsun. Installation Instructions: To install Wyrmsun, just extract the contents of the archive to the desired location (i.e. C:\Program Files\). When updating from a previous version, delete all subfolders and files except for the "wyr" folder and its contents. Then extract the contents of the archive to the location where Wyrmsun is installed.

Wyrmsun v1.9.6

A bit of feedback on a previous version. I like the adding of heroes, but the game doesn't respect them and having them is absolutely terrible. Remember those misions in warcraft 2 / starcraft - where you had a hero and he had to survive so you hid him in a corner just for him to stay alive because you couldn't heal him ? That's terrible level design, avoid at all costs !
- Leveling is by far too slow. I'm at level 6 and my hero is level 2.
- I can't stress this enough but : there's no way to heal him unless I manage to destroy an enemy building and get a carrot or level him up... which happens like... never unless I risk him dieing. You could fix it by making the farms drop carrots or other things for gold. 100 gold - carrot, cooldown 5-10 min.
- They are still too weak, they start as a regular unit + once they're dead, they're dead for the mission. Revive herooo !!!
- The purpose of my mission is generally to upgrade a hero, at least a level to have a sense of accomplishment. If he dies by mistake, then my mission loses it's purpose - ragequitting wyrmsun, not a good feeling.
- An item that goes against the upgrades feels like an odd choice. Basically it's useless after I upgrade to arrows level 2... give me poisoned arrows ! :D

The other things I'd improve are :
- forest density - way too high !!! I need to chop chop trees to have the space to build something and also my units get stuck A LOT.
- Trees regrow ? my peasant is suddenly stuck in the middle of a respawning forest while trying to carry wood home ?
- View radius ! far too low. Can't see a thing. Not even archers
- Please add the option of "fog of war on/off" . I played war2 with it off, it was a great experience for me.
- Day/night cycle goes way too fast. I'd also make that optional if possible.

After all the constructive criticism, I want to say that as long as my hero was still alive, I had pretty much fun. Great efforts ! and gl, I'll try another version later if you improve the hero into staying alive / being stronger .

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Andrettin Author

Thanks for the feedback! Sorry for the late response. About your points:

1. I've made it so in version 2.0.0 heroes carry over experience (instead of only their level), which has made leveling faster.

2. Cheese and carrots can now be bought from farms, to heal heroes. Additionally, when you have a stronghold, you can buy healing potions from there.

3. I'm not really sure about reviving the hero. I think it could make them too disposable, the player then wouldn't care much if the hero got killed, since he could be revived soon after.

4. Since experience now carries over, even if the hero dies, you will still make some progress to reach the next level.

5. There are magic and unique items which are more powerful than the base ones, you just need some luck to find them :)

About the forest density, in which maps did you think there were too many trees?

Trees do regrow, yes.

The view radius changes with day/night, maybe that was the issue? So for humans at night their view radius can be small, but at day they will see much farther.

I don't really like the idea of making the fog of war be changeable in the options like that, since the player would be removing a lot of difficulty with an option. But you can change it with the cheat code "fow off" (use "fow on" to turn it back on).

Maybe the day/night cycle goes a bit too fast, I'll think about that.

By the way, the game is now free on Steam, so you can get the latest version from there :)

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@Andrettin - thanks for the update ! :D really appreciated.
2. Food @ farm = AWESOME :D .

3. About hero revival - remember how it was in Warcraft 3 ? great abilities, large number of hitpoints, but if he dies, it costs A LOT of gold to revive ( maybe 1400 ? ) :) best example I can think of. Thing is - if I want to have a melee hero, I want to be able to send him into battle, not to try to protect him desperately, but if I'm careless and don't withdraw him in time, I'll pay a high price for my mistake, but not regret it forever = rage quit.

4. Not sure how this works - if your hero dies, you still have him at the next mission ?!

5. Good items... yes, I'm never lucky :) , but just stating that some of them are simply not that useful.

Trees - not sure which map, most I think. And regrowth... perhaps make it slower or ? Thing is, I'd like to have a proper field of battle, not reorder my troops again and again because of many trees and Strategus pathfinding...

In warcraft 1 and 2 , playing without fog was what made me play it. Those pesky catapults were difficult to counter, so when there was no fog of war, I was well prepared. I guess it's me and some old farts :D just staying in our base with a glass of wine, waiting for us to gather that bad boy army :D .

As a general advice, what worked in War2 and War3 , is likely to work wonders for you as well :) . There's always room for improvement, but the path walked is certain to go far.

Again, many many thanks for the update ! :) do you plan to add a price tag to your game ? Best wishes.

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Andrettin Author

I'm happy you like the update :)

About hero resurrection, I did think about doing something like that, maybe I'll implement something similar in the future, I'll have to think about it.

Yes, if your custom hero dies you can still have him in the next mission if you choose to. You can also use him in custom games to gain XP.

About adding a price tag to the game - no, but I did sell it on Steam for some time (it was free here and sold on Steam, so basically the price was for having the conveniences of having it on Steam like auto-updates and etc.), but now I've made it free on Steam as well. The idea is to help spur the growth of the game's community this way, since Steam is such a big platform. What I am selling are cosmetic-only DLCs (which add new graphics for specific tribes/etc.).

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