Hi Everyone, Got another preview release for anyone who is willing to try it out. Added piles of stuff since my first demo including: Ship Design, Sounds, Damage, Research, Etc though some at a very early state. If you want to provide any feedback on the general feel. Would love to hear a general Pros\Cons summary or even just 3 points below: * The first annoying\incomplete thing you noticed * After playing a bit the most noticeable\incomplete thing you found * First or biggest bug you find Hope this release will convey a little more of the feel of the game I'm aiming for even though still very incomplete. -Paul

Worlds Collide v0.089
fishy418 Author

Hi All,

Just a quick heads up this was rushed a little... just me been impatient :) I realised there were a few issues with population growth, attacking planets and probably some other things that I've fixed already but do make it hard to get a feel for all aspects of the game I currently have.

It should still provide a feel for the overall game and where it's heading. With the fixes that I've already done a few other additions I'm working on now I will endeavour to get a more stable test build out quite soon. Also might do a quick video dev blog too and see how that goes.

Should still be able to enjoy this demo a bit ;)

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