Last year we created Weighted Wonderland, a bonus map for Portal 2 full of holiday cheer. Well it's that time of year again, so how about a second part?

Weighted Wonderland Part 2

ok, I am confused, is there actualy a way to get a "nice" ending on this map and the other one or no?

Because on this one I no clipped around on it because I thought I remembered reading that this one had a secret, and I saw the end elevator could go up, I assume it has something to do with not killing the turrets, but literally, I didn't kill them, and still got naughty. Am I missing something or am I just getting ****** for no good reason.

Other than this, I think both maps are good, this one better than the first because in the first one, the puzzles were a bit too vauge.

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cheets r knotty

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on the first one, i keep getting "naughty" at the end

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