Weapons Mod Sufian95's style This weapons mod changes the skins, the sounds, the weapon behaviour, and some animations that sufian95 made and collected. He added that to my weapons mod. The credits are these: MrSalazar2005: Weapon Behaviour (config.) Sufian: Mod adjusting, testing, fixing. MCh2207Cz: animations, menu, some skins.(Back to fronts content). Fainyance11: weapon and reload sounds. Notsafeforwork:Some weapon skins. Knifeinface(KIF):Some weapon skins Grzeznik:Accuracy file mod. If I forgot something in the credits please correct me! I think that's it. Enjoy!

Weapons Mod Sufian's style

What the hack?
When I gave you permission for usage of Back2Fronts content I though that you will write the credits correctly. All the animations and icons are from B2F. Sufian has these files also from B2F.

Please, correct the credits.

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MrSalazar2005 Author

Sorry for that but when I asked you for some skins, I was gonna use them in another mod. But back to this, I'm not really sure what was used in this mod but Sufian gave me the credits to copy and paste them and I think he asked you correctly when he was gonna use this, anyways I'll write in the credits that more than sounds were used in this, because I didn't test it thoroughly and I thought that the credits were correct, anyways just in case I didn't really make this mod (Weapons mod sufian's style), he only added to his mod my original weapons mod and gave it to me for release, I will see what content was used and give you the proper credits.

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Is it like a second version of mod?

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