Voidstone Ancient MOD - Beta Final a Mod that has now passed into its 3rd big version change, the mod is stylized after the original Diablo Experience, with the announcement of Diablo II: Resurrected it has given new life to the MOD future of the game. Diablo II: Voidstone Ancient Resurrected will be coming once the game is released! Looking forward to recreating all the new layers of stats and changes with even more, combining all the best from MOD 3.x, 4.x and 5.x into one grand mod for Resurrected! Peace friends PS: Keep giving feedback!

Voidstone Ancient MOD - Beta (**OUTDATED**)
Ascended1962 Author

Hi all,

Fixed a bug with Grand Charms causing line 882 crashes.

While fixing this, i also managed a few other things:

- enabled a few more extra unique rings/weapons/armors
- all unique rings and amulets will now drop with 1 socket
- added more shield only resitences to prefixes
- most class shields will now spawn with +all resists
- fixecd plugy stats interface overlaps
- many new runewords enabled

Crusher 1 mele ElIth
Recovery 1 tors ElTir
Cruelty 1 miss EthSol
Heartplate 1 tors EldNef
Iron Defender 1 shld AmnEl
Rockplate 1 helm ElEl
Kurast Pointer 1 spea EldEld
Dust 1 tors TalRal
Spite 1 wand staf orb RalThul
Kurast Plate 1 tors OrtThul
Striders Striker 1 swor h2h shks ShaelOrt
Striders Companion 1 shld cshd SolEth
Lifesteel 1 weap NefAmn
Wizadri 1 circ IthTir
Poison 1 h2h shks TalAmn
Frostfleece 1 dhide ThulNef
Sparkflint 1 miss OrtTir
Tooth 1 head IthSol
Quickflame 1 weap RalShael
Lighteye 1 pcrown AmnEth
Wolverine 1 tors PulShaelPulUm
The Iron Maiden 1 tors AmnSolAmnSol
The Amazon`s Gaze 1 tors ElKoKoUm
The Apprentice`s Vision 1 tors EthTirIthLum
The Calling Storm 1 tors MalOrtRalMal
Prismatic Ire 1 tors TalRalOrtThul
Striders Revenge 1 tors IoFalKoLum
The Phylactery 1 tors SolMalPul
Ironbear 1 tors BerFalUm
Bladepanther 1 tors ChamKoPul
Clarity 1 tors ChamDolSur
Judicator 1 swor axe LoOhmLoEth
Bonethrash 1 hamm scep BerShaelGul
Divinity 1 weap JahIstMalIstUm
Guardtalon 1 cshd h2h shks BerShaelPul
Invincible 1 pole mace VexAmnHelZodEth
Luckthief 1 wand staf orb IstIst
Falcon 1 glov FalKo
Painkiller 1 miss LoKoShaelEth
Rexxar 1 miss axe MalEthSol
Lightbeam 1 weap SolEld
Strider 1 belt SolShael
Sparkhold 1 shld ShaelNefDol
Planeswalker 1 boot SolIoEld
Powersource 1 glov LumTirIth
Concentrator 1 swor scep IthMalEth
Spellbreaker 1 shld BerUmHel
Etherialium`s Absorber 1 tors ZodBerJahCham
Berzerker`s Carnage 1 axe swor SolEthDolOhmLo
Armageddon`s Firestorm 1 staf RalVexTirVexLem
Crusader King`s Defiance 1 pole spea GulAmnPulIstIo
Bloodmancer`s Curser 1 nscth SurVexGulEl
Valkyrian Enhancer 1 miss spea JahUmShaelKoLo
Royal Shadow`s Claw 1 h2h shks ChamGulIst
Static Shifters Phaser 1 orb IstBerTir
Duelers BattleBelt 1 belt ShaelSol
Infectious BattleBelt 1 belt TalSol
Burning BattleBelt 1 belt RalSol
Frostbitten BattleBelt 1 belt ThulSol
Sparking BattleBelt 1 belt OrtSol
Crusaders WarBelt 1 belt FalUm
Diseased WarBelt 1 belt DolUm
Flaming WarBelt 1 belt LumUm
Deathfrost WarBelt 1 belt IoUm
Thunderous WarBelt 1 belt KoUm
Duelers Battleboots 1 boot ShaelSol
Infectious Battleboots 1 boot TalSol
Burning Battleboots 1 boot RalSol
Frostbitten Battleboots 1 boot ThulSol
Sparking Battleboots 1 boot OrtSol
Crusaders Warboots 1 boot FalUm
Diseased Warboots 1 boot DolUm
Flaming Warboots 1 boot LumUm
Deathfrost Warboots 1 boot IoUm
Thunderous Warboots 1 boot KoUm
Duelers Battlegloves 1 glov ShaelSol
Infectious Battlegloves 1 glov TalSol
Burning Battlegloves 1 glov RalSol
Frostbitten Battlegloves 1 glov ThulSol
Sparking Battlegloves 1 glov OrtSol
Crusaders Wargloves 1 glov FalUm
Diseased Wargloves 1 glov DolUm
Flaming Wargloves 1 glov LumUm
Deathfrost Wargloves 1 glov IoUm
Thunderous Wargloves 1 glov KoUm

Thanks all


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Skill Precision amazon doenst work.

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Ascended1962 Author

Hi there,

Thanks, it is fixed now.

I will also be repacking with some changes and updates.

You can also join discord if you want.


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