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Zongo_Bloodhorn - - 1 comments


I'm a BIG fan of Void Dungeons 3.8, but there are some bugs in the skills synergies (I can tell you if you wish), so I would like to test Voidstone 1.13.

Well it's barely possible for one reason : I face a very low FPS when playing. Just like I would play very laggy online. And I don't know how to fix that. Any idea ?

If that problem can be fixed, I have a question : do you have a link to the runewords / cube recipes table ?

Thanks, and go on, Void Dungeon is like the so much awaited DIII for me :)

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Ascended1962 Author
Ascended1962 - - 474 comments

Hey Zongo,

Please join our discord, lots n lots of info there.

Also for Cube recipes/uniques/sets etc there is a folder called SITE, inside there is a web folder which has a web file you can open with all the recipes etc

Also if you join discord easier n faster to give feedback and get feedback


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Wiissoppii7 - - 13 comments

Super excited for this new version, but for some reason whenever I try using PlugY with it, I get the "UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: ACCESS_VIOLATION c00005" error anytime I try to load or make a new character. I've tried all sorts of compatibility settings too, to Game.exe, DiabloII.exe, and D2Se.exe. But, turn off PlugY and it works perfectly. Any idea what might be wrong? Thanks again, this mod is awesome.

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Ascended1962 Author
Ascended1962 - - 474 comments

Hi there,

It is probably the plugy.ini with multires, check for the multires folder and use the non-multires ini, also join discord to make it easier for replies


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