As promised, included this time are the Terminators for SpaceMarines and ChaosMarines, also the Eldar Vyper, added a few small pieces of scenery. Still no code update so not much progress on that side. on the whole not much progress at all, this is mainly due to me and the lack of motivation but i have been helping others with their projects and i've been learning for a posible port later in the year. So have fun and if you find any bad bugs then please let me know. Cheers Geodav


Awesome! That mod is all I was looking for when I entered ModDB yesterday night to enjoy random things. I'm still trying to download it, but I know ModDB servers are always failing so I'll stay tunned to try again. I love WH40k and I love UT! THANKS A LOT FOR THIS AWESOME LOOKING MOD! (and I hope it would fit my expectations! :D )

Now downloading it LOL! I hope you don't abandon the project and keep improving it!

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Geodav Author

the project is on going if some what slow, mainly due to me having very little time and that i'm prepping it for porting later this year

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