Trench Warfare 1.185 Final Release ------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- Unfortunately this will be the final release for this mod. I really wish we could continue it but the MOH community has been falling apart for over a year now. It is time to move on. So you can now experience our mod to a closer way it was meant to be made. ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ THIS IS A MEDAL OF HONOR SPEARHEAD MOD IT DOES NOT WORK WITH MOHAA Turn Texture Compression Off May 7, 2006:I am sorry to announce that this was not released sooner. I thought it had been lost but it was sitting around on an old hard drive. To those of you that enjoyed our mod well here is a present a year too late. The only feature strangely missing from this is the grey smoke, which was lost in the sands of time. March 9,2005:Our mapper has left and the other one didn?t get a new computer yet so we are currently at a near halt...

Trench Warfare 1.185 Final

Thanks Man For This

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