== TLR Alpha 1_0_020 == *Fixed the staircase bug *Sewer grates are now immobile *Fixed the jeans weight (part of balancing the game) *Fixed the Kabar Knife stats (part of balancing the game) *Fixed the steel baseball bat stats (part of balancing the game) *Fixed bugs in the map *Fixed weapon speeds decently (no longer exploitable) *Muesli is now eatable *All crisps are now eatable *Somewhat fixed the soldier's gas mask (WIP) *Crazy Ivan, John Smith & Harris Thompson are fixed (selling to the npcs will be fixed soon) *Fixed the ladder uses (right click on a ladder with TLR Classic Controll to go up) *Xedrai made a dirt tile, I added it. *Fixed the beds *Added a lot more map South-East of the Outpost. Also I've added a readme file and the installer now adds an uninstaller executable so TLR can be removed with ease as well!

TLR Alpha 1_0_020
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